How to write the perfect YouTube description and what to include

What Is a Video Description?

Your video description is a piece of metadata that helps YouTube understand the content of your video. If you want higher rankings in a YouTube search then you will want a well optimised description.

“YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. And writing a description with keywords can help viewers find your videos more easily through search.”

Completed example

The following extract is a fully completed live example.  I have used colour coding so you can see how the different elements work together….

  • Aqua = Tips
  • Red = Primary Keyword
  • Blue = Tags/Keywords


[1st: Intro. write a few short paragraphs that flow naturally whilst using as many keywords as possible especially in the first couple of sentences. Try to utilise your primary keyword as early as possible and then one or two further times. 

Welcome to more Nintendo Switch family fun as we take part in a Mario Kart relay challenge.  The rules are simple!  One lap each then PASS IT ON!  

As a team can BHeroesUK win the Mushroom Cup in the 50cc Grand Prix category?  We hope you, our YouTube family, enjoy this unique spin on playing Mario Kart as we present another family gaming video for your viewing pleasure.

Mario Kart is one of the best Nintendo Switch games and as you will see from the gameplay the Mario Kart relay challenge is a great way to play this classic in a funny way.

[Divide your description area up with lines.  For no reason other than it makes it easier for the viewer to locate key sections]



[2nd: Video Sponsor. If you are fortunate to have a company sponsor your video then include their details here.  If not then delete this section]

🗣️ Video Sponsor:

🌐 Sponsor Website:

ℹ️ Sponsor Info:



[3rd: TimeStamps. These are not essential BUT are a fantastic way to utilise more keywords.  They are also a great way to signpost people to key parts in your video. The first timestamp must be 00:00 and will become clickable links in your description]

 ⏲️Time Stamps⏲️

00:00 Intro – Mario Kart Relay Challenge | Pass It On | Switch Family Fun Intro

00:21 Race setup and rules

01:25 Race 1: Mario Kart Stadium

05:44 Race 2: The Water Park

09:45 Race 3: Sweet Sweet Canyon 

14:06 Race 4: Chomp Ruins

18:39 Thank you, goodbye and please SUBSCRIBE



[4th. Subscription reminder and social media accounts]

Subscribe: | 🔔Make sure to enable ALL push notifications 🔔 

▶️ watch our latest videos: Follow BHeroesUK

👥 Facebook:

🐦 Twitter:

📷 Insta:



[5th: Production Credits.  Another opportunity to use keywords as well as give credit to anyone who may have helped with graphics, music, production etc…)]

🎬 Production Credits

✍️ Edited by: @bheroesuk

📷 Filmed by: @bheroesuk

💡 Produced by: @bheroesuk

ℹ️ Video Title: MARIO KART RELAY CHALLENGE | PASS IT ON | Switch Family Fun



[6th: Playlists and videos.  Signpost viewers to your other content!]

▶️ Other Similar Content:

BHeroesUK WWE 2K20 Videos: Link

BHeroesUK Mario Kart Videos: Link

BHeroesUK Hello Neighbor Videos: Link



[7th: About Your Channel: Use this area to firstly present your niche statement follower by some info about your channel.  Why did you start? What do you want to achieve? What is your channel about? Why should viewers watch your channel?]

📜 About BHeroesUK

We present family gaming and activity videos showing interesting, funny and creative ways to play new and retro games to inspire and entertain.

If you can’t beat them join them! Fed up with the boys watching other people have fun on YouTube, Daddy B (me) started our own family channel!  This will hopefully inspire the boys (Bigger B and Little B) to be creative and have some fun. We hope you enjoy our family, friendly, fun and adventures.  Mabye it will inspire you too!

Our channel is for people of all ages and we are committed to safe, fun and clean family videos at all times.

[8th: Hashtags.  Use three keywords in hashtag format.  These will auto appear above your video title]

#MarioKartRelayChallenge #PassItOn #SwitchFamilyFun

See a live version of the above description click here


YouTube has a feature where you can paste a description template, as well as the elements that won’t change.  This will prefill your description area, every time you upload a video, allowing you just to enter the text relevant to your video.

  1. Go to YouTube Studio
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Click “Upload Defaults”
  4. Scroll to the Description area and paste your template (you can also do the same with tags)

Free template! Copy & paste this into your description area

[1st: Intro. write a few short paragraphs that flow naturally whilst using as many keywords as possible] 




Video Sponsor:

Sponsor Website:

Sponsor Info:



 ⏲️Time Stamps⏲️




Subscribe: | 🔔Make sure to enable ALL push notifications 🔔 


▶️ watch our latest videos: Follow <Insert Channel Name>

👥 Facebook: <Insert Facebook page name>

🐦 Twitter: <Insert Twitter page name>

📷 Insta: <Insert Instagram page name>



Production Credits

Edited by: 

Filmed by: 

Produced by: 

Video Title: 



Other Similar Content:

<Insert Name of Playlist1>: Link

<Insert Name of Playlist2>: Link

<Insert Name of Playlist3>: Link



About <insert your channel name>

<insert niche statement here>

<insert more info about your channel here>


#hashtag1 #Hashtag2 #Hashtag3

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