I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody!

Becoming known for one thing is not hard… It is saying NO to all of the other distractions that is the hard part.

So, how do you do it? You define it in your niche statement

What is a niche statement?

Very simply, it is a short statement that clearly and quickly states what you do and how you’ll do it.  It is also known as an elevator pitch.

It is known as an elevator pitch because it should be short enough to present during a brief elevator ride.

Done correctly, this short statement helps you introduce your channel to your audience in a compelling way.  A good niche statement highlights what’s special about your channel. It expresses your unique position to the world and lets your target niche know what you can deliver.

If someone says “tell me about your channel?” — think of your elevator pitch as a super-condensed version of your response to that request.

The niche statement formula!

Your Niche + Their Problem + Your Solution + Your Promise = SUCCESS!

Using the formula will make this process a lot easier for you.  Write a sentence or two against each part of the niche statement formula then place the whole thing together – simples

  • Your Niche
  • Their Problem
  • Your Solution
  • Your Promise

This is a very basic template to help you get started

I/work with __________________________(your niche),

who haven’t/need to ____________________ (their problem).

If you’re ready to/it’s time to _____________ (your solution),

I will ___________________________ (your promise).

A working example

The following extract is the niche statement from my SEO Channel, DaddyBHeroesUK.  I have colour coded the specific elements to match the list above…

I present SEO advice to content creators who want to leverage YouTube to achieve their goals; those who know they need a strategy and have no idea where to begin. If you are looking to build your channel, grow your audience, or work towards monetisation and beyond, I can help you implement the correct strategies, identify your target niche and achieve your goals.

What can i do with my niche statement?

When you have written your niche statement it will help to keep your channel focussed.  Your audience, and more importantly, Youtube, will know what your channel is about ensuring your content is suggested to the correct audience.

Your can also use your niche statement to help you populate your channel tags.  Look through your statement and pick out some of the buzzwords and, again, this will give your channel structure and consistency.

Where should you place your niche statement?

There are two key places that you should place your niche statement:

  1. On your ‘About’ page: This will be one of the first places that your audience will visit therefore your short, sharp and snappy niche statement will let them know instantly that they are in the right place

2. Within your video description: Placing your niche statement within your video descriptions serves a few purposes.  Firstly if your audience haven’t checked out your ‘About’ page then they may see it here.  Secondly, your niche statement is going to be crammed full of tags therefore this will help YouTube understand what your video and channel is about and ensure it gets recommended to the right people.

In Summary

Follow these simple guidelines, and use the niche statement formula to announce your unique approach to your content to the world.

Then get your target niche’s attention, and get ahead of the competition.

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